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3D Rigs

P+S Technik Freestyle Evolution Rig

3D Wireless Rig Control – cmotion cvolution

Freestyle Evolution IO + Convergence + Dual Focus, Iris & Zoom Control
8 motor IO + convergence, + Dual Focus, Iris & Zoom Control

3D Wireless Lens Control

cmotion cvolution Dual Focus
cmotion cvolution Dual Focus+Iris
cmotion cvolution Dual Focus+Iris+Zoom


12” Transvideo 3D Evolution LCD Monitor
46” JVC 3D Monitor
13m BNC Cable Loom
26M BNC Cable Loom


Timecode Buddy

Some videos shot with our 3D Equipment:

Closer To The Edge (3D Feature/ Documentary Film)
Our 3D Freestyle rig and cameras went out to Isle of Man.

Katy Perry (3D Feature Film)
Our matched 3D Ultraprime lenses went out to L.A.

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