At FAVA we specialise in only the latest and most cutting edge digital cameras. Our aim is to ensure that we give our clients the best possible package, set-up and advice in the market. Our packages are designed with the user in mind, with adaptors and extras that many other rental houses don’t include – making our cameras incredible value for money.


2015-02-12-ALEXA-Mini-0010-fdtimes 2015-02-12-ALEXA-Mini-0010-fdtimes

ARRI ALEXA MINI 16:9 Camera Kit

ARRI ALEXA MINI 4:3 Camera Kit

£750 per day*


£750 per day*

(RAW Licence available @ £50 per day)


Red Weapon Dragon 6K

 Red Weapon Dragon 6K Kit

£750 per day*





Red Epic Dragon 6K

 Red Epic Dragon 6K Kit

 £750 per day*





All our Camera Kits include memory cards, card reader, tools, batteries, adapters, cables, etc.


 RED ROCKET-X Super DIT System: Echo Express III-D chassis (Thunderbolt 2)

(Including 1x Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro PCIe drive card with 480GB Storage and 1x ATTO ExpressSAS H680 card)

 £150 per day*

* Discount Available

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