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As the UK distributor for cmotion, FAVA has access to all the great lens control gear that cmotion have to offer – at very competitive prices. In fact, we will match any price that you find elsewhere for brand new cmotion equipment.

Featured Products:

cforce-mini-motorcforce Mini Motor: cmotion has worked in tandem with ARRI to develop this high performance motor. A fantastic product that is intelligent, compact and lightweight, and gives you the power to accurately control any lens.


cdistance-modulecdistance: An extremely bright display unit designed to give you a clear visual read out from  you chosen range finder. The unit connects with most finders in the workplace and will clearly display your distances regardless of the conditions. Pre-order now.


cfinderiiicfinder III: The smallest, lightest and most advanced laser range finder ever developed by cmotion. Extremely accurate and up to 10 x faster than regular ultrasonic devices, this is definitely a big step forward. Pre-order now.


pan-bar-zoompan-bar zoom: This extremely versatile zoom control can be mounted on any 15-32mm rod and gives you a great mobile lens control solution.


There are so many more great products to select from cmotion’s range, for a complete list click here

For sale enquiries call 0208 981 7319

cvolution Camin 3M

The new cvolution camin 3M is a compact, lightweight (245 g / 0.54 lb)  and low profile interface for focus, iris and zoom control. Motors can be controlled wirelessly or by cable using modular cvolution hand units. Popular broadcast controllers can also be used through a new analog interface. The discrete CAL button triggers auto motor calibration while the EXT connector provides an interface for wireless run/stop for a wide range of cameras. The unique LBUS connector allows for up to 3 daisy-chained cforce motors to be used independently or synchronised for a totally flexible 6 motor set up.

Download more information about this 3M camin by clicking on the image below.

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cmotion Compact Systems: For Left and Right Handed Operators

cmotion compact

Download cmotion’s Cable Quide

If you want to figure how to connect your camera, here is an extended list of all cables available for cmotion products.

Available for download, you can find all information in this guide. You can still speak to Patric who can answer pretty much every question regarding cmotion products.

Download cmotion cable guide

Compact LCS

As cmotion’s UK distributor we are excited to announce a low budget modular wireless lens control system. Also just called ‘Compact LCS’ this smart system is silent and fast with quick calibration.

With the options of having 1, 2, or 3 motors, using daisy chain technology, only the first motor needs to be connected to the camin. The Compact LCS controls up to three axis with a knob, pressure sensitive joystick and rocker switch. You can change controls by choosing which axis to control with which unit.

The Compact LCS comes with a solid PELI case with an interior for camin, motors and hand unit. It will keep your kit safe and in order.


Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions or to find out more about buying the Compact LCS.

Give us a call on  to find out how we can save you money on your cmotion Wireless Lens Control System.