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Lens Control

Get smooth control of your lenses with FAVA’s Lens Control Systems. As a UK cmotion distributor, we can assist you with your cmotion needs and offer support.

Options Available:

ARRI FF4 Follow Focus

   £50 per day


cmotion WLCS White Module

   £200 per day

Our cmotion units comes with cforce mini motors as standard. The cmotion white module allows remote ON/OFF with the Alexa MINI and RED cameras.


Cine Tape

 £150 per day


Preston Micro Force

 £150 per day

Preston FI+Z

 £300 per day
 Preston FI+Z User Manual


 £300 per day
 ARRI WCU-4 User Manual

  • cmotion cvolution Focus + Iris WLCS
  • cmotion cvolution Focus + Iris + Zoom WLCS
  • Preston Remote Focus 3-Channel System
  • Preston Micro Force
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